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How it Works

When PRP is injected into the targeted treatment area it initiates mild inflammation which in turn starts a healing process. The platelets then release a large number of enzymes to promote the growth and tissue regeneration including the attraction of stem cells to repair the damaged section. New collagen then starts to develop; as it matures it starts to shrink causing the tightening and strengthening of the area. Over time the treated area continues to improve as the tissue grows and the cells regenerate.

Injection Component
Aged skin has less collagen, low elasticity, reduced amount of hyaluronic acid, and low ability to retain moisture.

Release of Growth Factors From Platelet Component (PRP)
 Cell growth is activated, and collagen is produced.

Regeneration and Rejuvenation of Skin Tissue
Collagen is produced, and skin elasticity is improved. The ability to retain moisture is restored.


If physicians use a product for an indication not in the approved labeling, they have  to inform the patient, adhere to good medical practice and have the responsibility  to be well informed about the product, to base its use on firm scientific rationale  and on sound medical evidence and to maintain records of the product’s use and  effects (source: www.fda.gov)

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